Replace the pressure relief valve if your corny keg is losing pressure

corny keg relief valve replace

Is your corny keg losing pressure? Replace the valve

Are your poppet valves and o-rings doing their job properly keep your brew fresh?

If they are, chances are your pressure relief valve is failing and needs to be replaced. And it’s important you do so as flat beer is a real, first world problem that can be damaging to one’s stomach and mental health!

The role of a pressure relief valve is pretty simple and obvious if you can read its name, they exist to let out pressure should your corny keg become over pressured. So you need them as a safety measure.

The valve will release automatically when the keg itself is at a pressure point of around 800 kPa. This could potentially occur when for example you have a regulator fail and CO2 keeps getting sent into the keg. This may seem a bit of a far-fetched example...

More reasonably, if you need to open your keg for some reason, using the relief valve to remove the pressure is a smart move to avoid spraying beer everywhere. Only beer rookies make that kind of mistake and they only make it once!

So if you’re experiencing a faulty valve, you can replace it quite simply and cheaply by ordering the part on Amazon and take advantage of your free shipping with Amazon Prime.

But not all relief valves are the same. Some are made of plastic, some stainless steel.

If you’ve ever read any other post on this site, you’ll know we always recommend quality over cheap parts and given steel is more durable than plastic, we think that’s what you should go for.

The valves come in two styles, the pull-ring or the toggle. You can tell the difference as the pull ring literally has a steel ring that you can manually pull when it's installed on your Cornelius keg to release the pressure.

If you have bought a second-hand corny keg, you may wish to replace the valve just for peace of mind. You could also consider replacing the entire lid of the corny keg, which would include a new valve - but you may not have the budget for that and so the idea of replacing the poppets and relief value if they are tired seems like a sensible precaution to me.

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