I play worse that I brew 
Some might say I’m a just a guy making his way through the universe. You might say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one.

What I definitely am is a homebrew enthusiast. I’ve been brewing from kits for a couple of years. That’s my realm. I’m quite happy with the simple ‘brew your beers in the shed’ mentality. 

This website is the sum of my learning so far and knowledge gleaned from others who brew. If you're new to beer making, then hopefully you will find some handy advice about home brewing here.

I’m not a guy that does a mash with a specific kind of grain from a field in Kentucky that was hand watered every afternoon by a loving grandmother.

I’m not a guy who spends $1100 bucks on some steel 1000 litre fermenter. 

I just like home brew.


For full disclosure, this site uses Amazon Affiliate links wherein I can make a commission at no cost to the user if the user makes a purchase having followed a link.

While I'm really keen to share what I've learned, you can assume I'm also trying to make a buck or two from my work!

We also have some Google Adsense advertising in play.

Check out my other side, The Tool Yard for chainsaw and lawnmower tips and tricks. 

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