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When a dedicated home brewer decides to grow up and move out of their kitchen (or their partner gives them the boot to the shed...) they stop using the stove or cooktop and look to using a burner that will give out some serious heat on brew day. 

Because there's nothing worse than waiting around for the wort to finally boil. 

A good burner will allow for an even heat distribution, prevent scorching of the bottom of the wort and speed up the boil. That's where having a strong British Thermal Unit (BTU) heat output rating can help.

Brewing outside also gives you more space, more freedom and a floor that you don't need to clean up when you make a mess with a boilover or whatever.  

A handy portable propane burner should get your wort boiling in around 15 minutes or less and last if you've gone for a quality purchase, it should last you many years.

But enough of this chit chat.

Here are our best rated gas burners:

Price Comparison
Mid Range

Burner specifications below, and reviewer commentary!

Blichmann HellFire Floor Burner

The Blichmann is the kind of unit that Tim 'The Toolman" Taylor would approve of.

If you want a quality burner that goes all the way up to 'eleven', here it is:

Blichmann Hell Fire Floor Burner review

The Blichmann burner is designed to operate in two use modes. The high-efficiency mode can be used when you just need to 'cook something'.  In the high power mode, you can produce a massive 140,000 British Thermal Units per hour output for literal blazing fast heating.

This is code for your brewing boils will occur a lot faster than you might be used to.

When using the unit's 'high efficiency mode', you'll still get a not-to-be-sneezed at 80,000 BTU/hr and superb heat transfer to the wort and whisper quiet operation. That's enough energy to maintain a rolling boil on a 20 gallon batch of beer.

Amazon reviews are really positive:

"The burner its self is beyond belief. I currently do 5 gallon batches but want to start 10 gallon batches. This is overkill for a 5 gallon batch. I did a full volume boil and had the burner about 25%. Nice rolling boil in about 10 minutes or less. The control is fantastic, goes really low to "holy crap the house is on fire" in seconds. "

"This thing is a volcano. Awesome burner!"

Coming in at a sturdy 29 pounds this unit is designed for propane use but an adapter kit for natural gas can be purchased.

Check out the price on Amazon

Need more power? Even Tim Taylor gets nervous when thinking about the

GAS ONE 200,000 BTU Square Heavy- Duty Single Burner Outdoor Stove

This Gas One propane gas cooker comes with an adjustable 0-20PSI regulator with steel braided hose and is just the ticket for brewers wanting to get the boil - and at 200,000 BTU this thing could probably inflate and launch a hot air balloon!

A sturdy and durable design, it is made of cast iron so you know it's going to long-lasting 

The fully adjustable heat-control regulator knob allows you to simply regulate the heat output.

The high-pressure burner output of maximum of 200,000 BTU, means it will cook just about anything - so it's handy for camping and outdoor recreation. 

The manufacturer, GasOne, consider that 'safety and heat go hand in hand. The burner is accompanied by a 0-20 PSI, CSA approved pressure regulator which controls gas and pressure flow, ensuring a secure experience with your burner. The regulator uses an O-ring to prevent any gas leakage.'

Amazon Reviews from actual users of the Gas One:

"This is a HOT burner. Heated my 15 gallons of beer to boiling easily. The stand is sturdy"

"While this burner is a little pricey compared to some its totally worth the money. Really well built with a heavy duty frame and the large burner is great!"

"Wow I didn't expect it to be so big. I'm using it to brew beer and it's plenty big enough to hold a 10 gallon kettle. It's soooo rigid too. I would guess it weighs about 30lbs. With 200,000 BTU it heats water real quick too. I love it. Would definitely recommend."

So, some pretty satisfied Amazon buyers there!

Check out the price on Amazon

Bayou Classic Single Burner Patio Stove

bayou classic gas burner

The Bayou Classic is known as the classic quality burner because it simply does what it does as a single burner unit.

With a 55,000 BTU rating, it suits smaller brews or those with slightly more patience in the boil time.

Don't be confused though, the 16 square inch cooking surface allows for good efficiency of heat spread and it should accommodate any style pot or kettle.

It's very portable unit at just over 19 pounds / 8 kilograms.

Amazon Reviews from actual users of the Bayou Classis:

"I originally tried boiling 7 gallons of water to test and it took me 45 minutes, which was too long. I called the 800 number and customer service was great, they told me to stop being a chicken and feel free to turn the hose control all the way on, as I had only went about half ways because the flame was already pretty intense and pretty loud. So I tried again, went full blast, and got to boil with a new batch of 7 gallons of water in about 12 minutes. Perfect!"

"The 15.5 gallon keg sits perfectly on the burner. It sits nice and sturdy. The paint on the burner does burn off the first time you use it, and the scent is pretty noticeable, but oh well, as long as it gets the job done. Just brewed my first all-grain beer on it, and I'm looking forward to the next brew day!"

"Originally tried boiling 7 gallons of water to test and it took me 45 minutes, which was too long. I called the 800 number and customer service was great, they told me to stop being a chicken and feel free to turn the hose control all the way on, as I had only gone about half ways because the flame was already pretty intense and pretty loud. So I tried again, went full blast, and got to boil with a new batch of 7 gallons of water in about 12 minutes. Perfect!"

"I use this for brewing beer. It brought my 7 gallons of wort to a boil in no time and heated my water to strike temp in about ten minutes (maybe less?). The flame is super easy to control, which makes preventing a boil over much easier. The construction is very sturdy, and the burner is plenty big enough to hold a 15 or 20 gallon brew kettle if need be. Another plus, the burner came already assembled. All I needed to do was screw in the hose and it was done. I opened the package and had the thing lit up for my brew day thirty minutes later!"

Check out the current price on Amazon

Edelmetall Brü Burner

Edelmetall Brü Burner

If there was ever a burner made by beer brewers for beer brewers, the Edelmetall Brü Burner is without question, the champion burner. Nothern Brewer market this feisty unit as "The last propane burner you’ll ever need—or want—to buy"

Which seems a bold claim but when you consider that it is fair 72,000 BTU and features a Precise needle valve that banishes boilovers and allows for crucial adjustments you see why brewers marvel in online forums about this unit.

Says one user "It is far superior to any others I have had and brings water to a hard boil quickly. The flame is easy to control. It is sturdy and reliable"

Even though it's designed for beer making, you can, of course, use the unit for the good old turkey frying.

The stainless steel and copper finish sets this unit apart from other burners. 

Check the price on Amazon.

Common questions about burners that buyers might want to consider

What are BTU and why should I care when buying a burner?

British Thermal Unit is a traditional unit of heat. It is defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. It is commonly used in the United States and many burners and grills will be rated in terms of BTU output.

The higher the BTU, the more heat can be released and the higher cooking temperature can be attained.

If you've ever heard the expression about not watching a kettle boil, you won't need to if you grill has some BTU power!

What about brewing safety on brew day?

There are always risks of using gas when cooking such as leaks, split piping, touching hot elements and surprise boil overs. 

To our mind, the real risk is children getting too close to the action. A brew day can be several hours of hot instruments and the risk of small hands getting burnt is real.

We strongly recommend that you don't let your little ones anywhere near the burners on brew day. 

Is burner height important?

If we are thinking in the brewing context there are a couple of things to think about when it comes to the height at which the burner sits off ground. 

Outdoor burners normally have been designed with higher legs. When brewing you want large pot you are boiling to not easily topple over so a lower base will offer that desired sturdiness. 

If you intend to use a burner designed explicitly for camping, be wary as its height may be too much. This one is probably too easy to overthink. If you are placing the burner on a flat and stable surface, you're probably good to go. 

Do I need a windshield to protect the gas flame?

The choice is optional to use a plate windshield to prevent gusts of wind hampering your burner's flame. Most burners have the burner set below the 'wind line' of so that the flame is protected. You can, however, use plate shields to protect from an extinguished flame.

It probably depends on the environment where you are brewing. If you're brewing in a backyard that's fully fenced off, you might be protected well enough from the elements.

To what kind of bottle do I connect my burner?

You connect your burners to the standard gas bottle that you would hook up to your BBQ. The regulators are generally universal across products.

If you will be using an LPG source, you will need to purchase an adaptor. This is because LPG is a bit different from propane on the gas spectrum and so their respective appliances are designed differently due to different operational needs of the gas.

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