How to make home made gin from vodka

making home made gin with a kit and vodka

How to make gin with vodka and a gin kit 

One of my favorite TV shows as a kid was M.A.S.H. Even as a young kid I could pick up on most of the seriousness of that show, comedy aside.

One of the things that always amused me was how Pierce Hawkeye and his doctor buddies were always distilling alcohol in their tent and having a few drinks after performing harrowing surgery on wounded soldiers.

And then going straight back to it.

It wasn't till I was an adult, had actually drunk alcohol and understood its effect and also had a comprehension of the true reality of war that I understood why Captain Hawkeye would feel the need to have a few drinks in him.

Because war is hell.

Lucky for us though, most of us just want to make our own alcohol and have a quiet evening drink before we retire for the night, and our choice of poison?


Home brewed gin.

Home brewed gin with a vodka base!

So let's make some using this kit!

Gin is never just gin. It is always made from a base of alcohol and that's why this why The Homemade Gin Kit has all the necessary ingredients and materials - you just need to supply 750 mls of vodka. 

The vodka is the starting point. 

So what does this gin brewing kit actually come with?
  • Includes: Two 375ml Glass Bottles, Fine Stainless Steel Strainer,Stainless Steel Funnel
  • Includes: One tin of juniper berries & One tin of botanical blend
  • Made in USA so you're helping Americans keep their jobs.
Essentially what the kit is helping you do is soaking the berries and spices in the alcohol.  Because we using the historical soaking method, we're more likely to get more solids and some color (potentially like amber).

So how to use the gin making kit? 

  • Sterilize the bottle bottles. You could boil them or using something like sodium percarbonate.
  • Add your botanicals to the jar
  • Add your vodka, then leave to infuse in a cool dark place for 24 hours or so
  • The next day, taste your infusion – it should already be beginning to taste like gin. That's the juniper taking hold. If you're feeling fancy add some fresh peel orange peel and any extra botanicals whose flavour you want to boost.
  • Leave for up to another 24 hours. Give the bottles a shake a couple of times during that time. 
  • You are done. Use the strainer to get rid of the sediment and bottle. 
  • Enjoy with friends (and food!)
Here's a handy tip. If you want a stronger juniper flavor, and most gin drinkers prefer this, you can crush the juniper berries before adding them to the vodka.

If you want to add even more juniper berries, they're usually available at the spice counter at any major grocery store. You can also find them on Amazon.

So am I making gin or not?

Now, we'll say this upfront just in case some naysayers tut in with,' this is not how you make proper gin!' 

We are not making distilled gin, we are making infused gin. So you won't need any distilling equipment.

Because gin by definition is an alcoholic drink where juniper berries are the main ingredient.

Is this cheating? Maybe, either way, it's a nice drink to make.

The economics of making your own gin

What you are doing here is not making gin to make a cheap gin. 

You are making gin for the experience of it and the taste and enjoyment reward.

While the vodka infusion method is not difficult at all, there's some reward in taking the time to follow the instructions and the process making your own gin. 

The reward will be the same any home beer brewer gets, the satisfaction of having made the thing you are drinking. 

If you are trying to make a fine gin, this method is not for you. You could try setting up a still or a home distillery but that's for keen enthusiasts only. 

So, are you ready to order then? The Homemade Gin Kit also have refill options so you can reuse the bottles and make over 2 litres of homemade gin!

To your good health Hawkeye!

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