Boneface is a great brewery to have a beer and a meal

bonehead brewery logos

I recently had an opportunity to have a pint at the Boneface Brewery in Upper Hutt.

It's a great establishment!

boneface ipl lager logoSet simply in an old factory of some kind, it's part eatery part brewery.

The staff were a bloody friendly bunch and the roast lunch we had was bang on. Do try the potatoes...

We did a short tour of the brewery and while it was standard stuff, it was well received as it was clear they had a genuine love of beer and were only too happy to share their knowledge.

For myself, the beer of the day was their Outlaw IPL which was a hoppy lager. Yes, this is a very popular style of beer these days, I did, however, find it simply refreshing.

The 'Juice' was not for me, it was too tart. My drinking buddies reported the Darkness Stout was very agreeable!

I particularly liked the artwork above. They had it in large posters on the side of the brewery - reminded me of Judge Dredd!

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