7 reasons homebrewers are allowed to be a little smug

7 reasons why as a home beer brewer, you’re allowed to be smug.

Just a little bit smug though.

No one likes a smug ass, no matter how good their beer tastes.

1. You’ve put in the damn hard work, and dammit Jim, you're a beer brewer not a doctor! That’s right as a brewer, you’ve slogged and sweated over your beer. It's just reward.

2. You’re a back yard pioneer. Yes, you invented that stout based, Fuggles hopped, honey and raspberry recipe by hard graft of experiment. Yes, you found a way to convert your fridge into a keg dispenser.

3. You’re like a beer wizard, Harry. You make the magic happen! You got the yeast choice just right. You found a way to keep your wort fermenting at just the right temperature and you are the one you added that secret ingredient that gave your beer that 'hallowed be thy' beer drinking experience.

4. You can be smug because suddenly your partner who hardly ever drinks beer suddenly starts ‘tasting’ your beers more frequently.

5. You can be a little bit smug because you are part of the beer revolution. You are sticking it to the corporate beer brewer who for years has refused to change. They have awoken from their stupor because of brewers like you.

6. No longer will young men and woman learn and continue to drink mass produced beer that was marketed to them on the television by some big hot shot sports star. No, they will know that the key to a great beer drinking experience is by discovering delicious craft beer beverages – and your demand for quality beer has driven this sea change.

7. You made beer. Enough said.

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